Le Moyne College

Visual Arts

Throughout history, humans have expressed themselves through the arts. 

The aim of the Department of Fine Arts at Le Moyne College is to contribute to the education of the total person. Art courses have been uniquely designed to explore all aspects of human potential involving the senses. 

Art history courses explore the work and methods of artists throughout the ages. By studying these artists, students enhance their own ability to perceive the world in which they live. 

Students learn to broaden and sharpen their skills in problem solving, management, and administration for future career and life situations. 


Whether auditing a company's financial statement or planning a sales campaign, a student needs the skills to visualize the "big picture." 

Discipline and Self Criticism...

A student learns perception and control to replace tunnel vision. Active rather than passive participation is encouraged as the passport to personal and professional success. 

Point of View...

Through drawing and painting, a student sharpens arbitration and negotiation skills necessary to cope with the demands of career and personal life experiences. 

Design and Graphics...

A student learns to develop critical judgment to evaluate and analyze life experiences, whether it involves planning an advertising campaign or creating a new product design. 

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