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Is it a debit or a credit?

Accounting, as the primary financial information system in all organizations, is often described as the language of business. Accounting professionals are expected to be proficient in accounting, to possess a well-rounded business background and to have excellent oral and written communications skills. The Department of Accounting seeks to prepare graduates with the skills necessary to meet these expectations. Accounting education at Le Moyne College provides a strong foundation in the liberal arts, a body of knowledge in general business and an extensive preparation in accounting. Students completing the program find opportunities in public accounting, the private sector, the financial sector, not-forprofit organizations and the government. The 150-hour accounting program is registered with the New York State Department of Education and meets the educational requirements for admission to the C.P.A. examination and, in general, to corresponding examinations in other states.

The Department of Accounting offers two degree programs:

1. A four-year Undergraduate Program leading to the degree of Bachelor of .Science in business with a major in accounting.

This program also has been structured to qualify students for graduate study or to provide them with the comprehensive outlook that will prepare them for entry into the business world.

2. A 150-hour program leading to the degree of B.S. in professional accountancy and an M.B.A., with both degrees being conferred at the end of the fifth year.

In the event that a student begins the 150-hour program and does not complete it, that student can receive the B.S. in business with a major in accounting, by completing the requirements of the four-year undergraduate program. Candidates must have completed the requirements of the 150-hour program for admission to the C.P.A. examination.

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