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Applied Management Analysis

Applied Management Analysis (A.M.A.), often referred to as management science or operations research, is marketed as the "Science of Better" and is defined as the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions.

Business organizations of the 21st century maintain large databases with information about their customers, supply chain and competitors. These organizations strive to establish a competitive advantage by using this data to make better decisions. Thus, the ability to analyze and interpret information extracted from the data for managerial decision making is a skill-set increasingly desired by employers.

The A.M.A. program develops this skill-set by introducing students to quantitative modeling and analysis. Courses include applications from different disciplines of business including finance, marketing, information systems, and operations. The discipline focuses on diagnosing and solving business problems based on quantitative analysis. Modeling methods and techniques are introduced in the context of specific business situations and provide hands-on real world experience in the art of modeling. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the major, most students combine the A.M.A. major with a second major, specifically marketing, finance and information systems.

In the YouTube video below, IBM describes business analytics (another name by which A.M.A. is known) as "turning information into insight and developing conclusive fact-based strategies to gain that competitive edge." For example, with the insights gained through quantitative analysis, a company could uncover lucrative business opportunities, obtain necessary information to retain customers or improve research, or inject certainty and predictability into the decision-making process.

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