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Sep 5

Written by: Jim F
9/5/2008 6:19 AM

When asked why I chose Le Moyne College, it’s easy for me to mention the large number of successful alumni, the thirteen to one student to teacher ratio, and the world renowned Jesuit education, but really the reason I chose Le Moyne was the strong sense of community that saturates every part of the school.

From the moment I arrived at Le Moyne for my first tour of the school there were tons of smiling faces waiting to greet me and to show me around the beautiful campus. Whereas at other schools tours were informal, even self lead, at Le Moyne the director of admissions himself was there to shake my hand and tell me why Le Moyne was the place for me. This sense of community radiated through all of the current students I met, not only from the fact that they were up early on a Saturday to volunteer to give tours, but also from their willingness to give me directions if I looked lost, to leave their doors open while tours go by so you could see what a “real” dorm looked like, or just from their putting in a good word about the college even if they were in no way involved in the tour itself. In the same way, any alumni that I met were always ready to tell me that their days at Le Moyne were the best in their lives and  they could not wait to go back up for their next reunion.

So even more than the beautiful campus, even more than the Jesuit commitment to service and excellence in education, it’s the feeling I got from the first time I put on a Le Moyne hat, the feeling that I was a dolphin and therefore part of a close knit family that drew me to Le Moyne, and I’m glad it did.

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