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Sep 24

Written by: Jim F
9/24/2008 9:31 AM

Hello everyone and welcome back. Recently I've been talking a lot about the many opportunities to do things on campus here at Le Moyne, but this week I'd like to tell you about a trip I took with the school to go whitewater rafting. The trip gave all of us a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Le Moyne life and enjoy a great time with fellow students.

I'd like to say that the day began bright and early, but seeing as we were awake and on a bus before sunrise it was more early than bright. We sat, or more realistically slept, on the bus for about three and half hours before arriving at Adirondack River Outfitters base camp. As soon as we pulled in our bus was rushed by  guides anxious to get us onto the rafts before we “missed the river”. We were outfitted with helmets, life jackets, and oars at the speed of light and rushed to the river so we could get on while it's dam was still open and the level was still high enough to ride.  On the bus ride up we got an intense safety lesson from a very “enthusiastic” Australian guide. It was at this point we learned the three rules of what to do in an emergency, “Don't panic! Don't panic! And Don't panic!”. The graphic descriptions of what to do in case of emergency made some of the members of our group want to run from the bus before we even hit the water, but one way or another we all made it on the rafts and after a brief training session in a pool of calm water we were on the river.

The safety lesson paid off early as within the first ten minutes of the trip we had our first “swimmers” when two members of our raft were ejected on a bump in a particularly rocky section of the river known as, “the googely steps”. Luckily, thanks mostly to the lightning fast reaction of our guide the two were pulled back into the raft in the blink of an eye. After our little scare on the googely steps, we continued along the seventeen mile thrill ride, making stops to jump into the river from a large boulder, and to enjoy some delicious “river snacks”, a much needed treat made of peanut butter and cereal wrapped in a tortilla. Along the way we got to take in some of the most beautiful scenery you can ever hope to see. When we made it back to land the grills were already lit, and after we took some time to dry off we sat down for a BBQ.

The trip was awesome. Not only did it give us an opportunity to experience the wonder of nature and the thrills that come with it, but it was also a good way to escape everyday life and to bond with fellow classmates. Everybody who went on the trip had a blast and agreed that it was well worth getting up at five o'clock on a Saturday. It was a great time and it would not have been possible without Le Moyne.

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