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Sep 11

Written by: Jim F
9/11/2008 4:15 AM

Hello everyone and welcome to the first installation of my blog.  Every Wednesday from now on I’ll be giving you the “insider’s view’ of life at Le Moyne College.  Hopefully you find my insights into Le Moyne College helpful, and come to a better understanding of the school.

It’s hard to believe it’s already the third week of college. It seems like just yesterday the smiling faces of the LMOC (Le Moyne Orientation Committee) welcomed me to Lemoyne and moved me into Dablon Hall. Notice I said “moved me in”. For those of you not familiar with Le Moyne, in the Jesuit tradition of service upperclassmen actually move you in your freshman year. This was a big help in the eighty five degree weather of orientation weekend.

If any of you are scratching your head at that last statement, you probably shared my notions of Syracuse weather. Coming fro Long Island, I considered Le Moyne in the “frigid north” and came up expecting frigid temperatures from day one. However, so far the weather has been beautiful and this stretch of sun has brought the entire student body outside. For the past weeks the quad has been alive with students playing football, volleyball, and my personal favorite ultimate frisbee, and instead of getting frostbite I’ve actually gotten a sunburn.

Classes have started and so far are going great. Coming from a very traditional private high school, it was a bit of a shock at first to have two hours of free time in between classes, to not have to get up at the crack of dawn every day, and even to see professors teaching in cowboy boots, but needless to say it was a quick adjustment. I am, currently majoring in Biology and loving it. In lecture the professors share their years of experience with us, and in lab we get to experience the wonders of the scientific world for ourselves.

As much fun as starting classes was, the weekend had to come eventually. I awoke one morning during my first weekend here at Le Moyne to see a giant alien outside my window. Don’t worry, the college was not under attack from extra terrestrials, it was Labor Day Laser Tag in the Dablon quad. Festivities included cotton candy, live music, an “American Gladiators” style boxing ring, and the above mentioned laser tag. It was a great way to start off my time at Le Moyne.

Beginning of the school yearThe day time isn’t the only time the college is active and alive. So far night time activities have included a visit from “the Real World’” Landon Lueck, the movie “Shattered Glass” on the big screen under the stars, and most recently a bonfire outside the Panasci Family Chapel. Mr. Lueck shared with us the danger of alcohol abuse, as well as some great stories from the world of reality television. The first installation of “Movies Under the Stars” kept with the political theme of this election year, helping us register to vote, pick Republican or Democrat gum, and enjoy a thought provoking politically minded movie as well as enjoy some delicious popcorn. Finally the bonfire night sponsored by B.A.S.I.C., or Brothers and Sister’s in Christ, gave us a chance to talk about our faith and find out about volunteer opportunities and religious events all while enjoying making, but more so eating, free smores. Between smores, movies, and celebrity speeches, we’ve all been very busy here at Le Moyne.

This has been the first installation of my blog. Hopefully you all enjoyed it and will be back next Wednesday to see what I’ve been up to here at Lemoyne.

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