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Oct 15

Written by: Jim F
10/15/2008 5:23 AM

Hello everyone and welcome back. For the past few weeks I've more or less been exclusively talking about events going on around campus. This week however is going to be a little different as this weekend we went on our fall break, and I spent the four day break off campus.

The break started on Friday when I took a train to Albany to visit a high school friend and see “Rock 'n Roll's Rock 'n Roll Band”, The Black Crowes (who put on an incredible show I might add). After an exciting concert we headed back to SUNY Albany where my friend goes to school. This gave me a chance to see what life might have been like if I had chosen not to go to Le Moyne. After saying goodbye, I drove home with another friend who had come up from the island to see the Crowes as well. On the way back we managed to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon, a sure sign that I was back on Long Island. When I arrived home on Sunday I immediately began a whirlwind tour of seeing friends and family who I had been apart from for over a month. It was not until 10:30 Tuesday night that I finally got on a plane to come back to Le Moyne, and it was close to midnight when I finally got in to my room.

The thing that struck me most about the break was that amidst all the hustle and bustle of getting on trains and planes, amidst the wonder of seeing one of my favorite bands, and amidst the smiles and laughs shared between family and old friends, there was not a moment that I didn't miss Le Moyne and the people I've met here. Not a day went by that I didn't hear from my new friends, whether by phone call, text, instant messaging or whatever other form of communication you can think of. With every exciting thing that happened to me I got more and more anxious about getting back to tell the stories to everyone at Le Moyne. I can only imagine that if four days apart was this trying, the longer breaks will be impossible.

I'll always love the people and places I knew before coming to Le Moyne (and the Crowes), and it was a great joy to see all of them, but as I pulled up around midnight on Tuesday and saw the lights of Le Moyne from my cab at the bottom of the hill I realized that Le Moyne truly has become home and a place that I look forward to coming back to. The people up here have become family, and it was so great to come back and hear all the stories of what everyone did over break. I can't imagine being away from Le Moyne and all my wonderful new friends for too long and I'm so glad that I chose to come here.

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