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Sep 17

Written by: Jim F
9/17/2008 6:01 AM

Le Moyne FriendsHello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Freshman year is rolling along fast, and now things are starting to get busy. My classmates and I have all been biting our nails down to the tips worrying about the first tests, first papers, and of course the first grades. Being a Biology major, I’m especially feeling the pace picking up as we move from the general introductions of the theory behind the science into the nitty-gritty details of how life works. Lucky for us the professors are wonderful and are willing to help you with whatever you need to succeed. I have no doubt we’ll all be fine.

Before you go thinking that it’s all work though, let me be the one to tell you that academics are not the only things we are busy with. There are tons of activities going on around campus that are not only giving us a chance to relax and have fun, but are also giving us the opportunity to get involved and meet new people. The flurry of activity around campus is not only exciting, but is really making each one of us feel like part of the Le Moyne community.

Monday night I attended a showing of “The Last Five Years” at the Performing Arts Center. The play was free for students, but luckily in this case I did not get what I paid for, the performance was top notch. For those of you unfamiliar with the play, it is the story of a couple told in song, one starting from the beginning and moving forward, and the other starting from present and moving back. Needless to say I was lost for the larger portion of the show, but the music was phenomenal.

On Thursday LSPB, the Le Moyne Student Programming Board, sponsored “Peace, Love and Bingo” in the Den. This however was not the kind of Bingo you find in the nursing homes and senior centers. Music, disco lights, and a humorous MC prompting us to play “speed Bingo” all kept the intensity high, not to mention the awesome prizes that awaited you if you won. Even though I lost every game without ever coming close, the event was tons of fun and I’m glad I attended.

Last night, instead of the usual dinner in the cafeteria, the whole freshman class went outside for a barbeque in the quad. The barbeque was a great chance to get out in the fresh air for some food, fun, and raffles. It also allowed us to meet all the members of the class, as well as our RA’s who were manning the grills. The food was delicious, the weather was beautiful, and a good time was had by all.

Plays, Bingo, Barbeques, laser-tag, and too many other things to name, the time is going by so fast. It’s hard to believe it’s already been almost a month. The huge number of activities and ways to get involved are really making the transition to college easy, and when you’re five and a half hours from your family and your home you really need a strong sense of community like you find here at Le Moyne. From day one I’ve felt at home here and a part of the Le Moyne family and I can’t imagine being anywhere else but Le Moyne.

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