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Sep 18

Written by: Leo Q
9/18/2008 8:51 AM

internation club meetingSunday the 14th saw International Club’s first meeting for the semester. As usual, at about five o’clock I headed towards the Leather Lounge with some friends. I was surprised and very excited to see the number of people already there. I already knew a lot of them from last year, but there was also a significant number of new international students as well as new Le Moyne students. 33 people showed up.

For those new to Le Moyne and to the club things may seem quite ordinary, in fact though the club has gone through quite a few changes since last semester. For example we now have two new co-presidents Daniel Wong and Minutana Sebany, a new vice president, and an entirely new staff. We’re also planning on working more interactively with other clubs on some volunteer projects, trips and joint events. The club has also selected two students to start attending Student Senate meetings as International Club representatives. Did I mention that the two students are Leo and I? (We have three Leos at the club).

Anyhow, it was great to meet the new members and connect with the old ones. The club currently has members from America, The Bahamas, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Germany, Scotland, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria and some other countries which escape my mind. As you can see International Club is quite the international ordeal.

After the usual introductions, the club officers talked about some of the planned activities for the semester. For starters, this semester we’re having our traditional cook-off.

international club meetingLast time we did this we had a huge turnout. Divina, another member of International Club, and I cooked a good amount of very tasty food in the basement of St. Mary’s. She made Jordanian food, and since I couldn’t compete with her on that, I made lasagna. The food was absolutely delicious, and I‘m not saying that just because I cooked—really!  I must admit though, my dish was slightly more popular than Divina’s (okay, okay, maybe they were both popular).

For our next meeting we’re having brunch at Licklaen House Restaurant in Cazenovia. We usually have a couple of events like this in which the club goes out to eat. These too are very popular. I hope you don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that the only popular events are the ones revolving around food; it’s just that they tend to attract more students.

Where there is food, there is a club meeting, and where there is a club meeting there is food!

Also as part of our activities we’re going to start having events like skating and snow tubing. Not just yet though— we have to wait for the weather to return to normal. When it finally turns white outside and we don’t have to see this cruel green everywhere (sorry, I’m a snow person, can’t stand the green). I can’t wait for the bitter cold air and the ice covered sidewalks.

Enough on my weather preferences and back to the club meeting: we now also have a new van diver, yay. Majd got his van driving license just minutes before Sunday’s meeting. This means more work for him and more fun for us.

Joining international club was one of the first things that I did as soon as I got to Le Moyne. The club’s excellent reputation for fun and excitement had reached me back home, 11000 miles away, so how could I have not joined right away?

So far it’s been one of the best choices I’ve made. Some of the closest friends I’ve made so far at Le Moyne have been from International Club. It’s an entirely superb way to meet new people, learn about different cultures and discover great places.

True, there is that sad side of sometimes saying goodbye to great friends you make (like Ben, Linda, and Zuzana), but at least you get to know fantastic people for a semester or so. For example, I’m proud to say that I met Linda, a very nice English girl who was an extra in some of the Harry Potter films through international Club. I wonder what’s next?           

Don’t waste any time before joining. Pizza –and good times—are getting cold.

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