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Smart Classrooms

Enhanced learning experience in one of our "smart classrooms"

Reilly Hall Room 442

Office Hours
8 am to 9 pm - Monday through Thursday
8 am to 5 pm - Friday

Summer Hours
8 am to 4:30 pm - Monday through Friday

Classroom Services



Our mission is to serve the Le Moyne community as a whole and to aid in the academic and social endeavors of the students, faculty, administrators, and staff. We strive to seamlessly incorporate the latest audio and visual technology into daily classroom teachings, group projects, presentations, lectures and special events on campus. We provide instruction and assistance on all equipment use and aim to troubleshoot all problems that arise. Our caring and experienced staff will work to enhance the learning experience through technological and creative advancements, thus bettering the entire Le Moyne community.

Mark Ramsden - Manager x.4382
Sarah Davis - Assistant Manager x.4381
Sean Connolly - Assistant Manager x.4328
Shelli Walters - Classroom Services Assistant x.4380

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