Le Moyne College

“... hardly any “real” problems can be successfully approached by a lone discipline.”

Gerhard Fischer

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McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation


“These are times of unprecedented challenges and unparalleled possibility. They call for persons equal to this moment, capable of reverential attention to the world and thoughtful examination of their place within it. What is needed now is a way of proceeding that leads to innovative and integrated approaches to complex challenges. Le Moyne College responds to this call guided by Jesuit, Catholic traditions.”


A Different Kind of Research Center

The McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation encourages, facilitates, and supports, groundbreaking research across all areas of inquiry. We do not have any rigidly fixed research agenda, do not dictate the issues to be explored, questions to be asked, or problems to be solved, and we do not impose any particular methodologies to be employed. Instead, our research agenda is guided by creative and innovative individuals who we invite to tell us what questions they are asking, what challenges they are tackling, and what possibilities they are envisioning.

Four of the individuals who shape the research agenda of the McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation are our McDevitt Chairs; eminent researchers and thinkers who, individually and jointly, pose our questions. But we also invite and support research proposals from across the Le Moyne faculty and student body so that the entire Le Moyne community may help inform the issues with which we grapple and the projects we undertake.

The McDevitt Center may organize and host a debate among nationally and internationally prominent scientists, theologians, philosophers, and historians about the religious implications of scientific evolution. We may sponsor a lecture on modeling the human brain or a symposium on ubiquitous computing, we may convene an electronic forum on the use of information systems for competitive advantage or support research into best practices for disaster and emergency response. We might support a student led forum on education and empowerment, or a faculty conference on religion in civic life.

A Center Committed to Values

While we at the McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation are committed to letting creative and innovative individuals guide our research agenda, we are also committed to embodying the Jesuit and Catholic principles that inform all aspects of Le Moyne College.

This does not mean that projects supported by the McDevitt Center must hue to any narrow doctrinaire line. On the contrary, our Jesuit principles mean that we are committed to genuinely open inquiry—inquiry that recognizes the need for, and honors, multiple and divergent perspectives—and to thoughtful reflection upon that inquiry. At the McDevitt Center, then, we celebrate vibrant dialogue and debate without presuming any settled outcome while also striving to foster serious and searching reflection about the meaning and value of that inquiry.

A Center Devoted to Education

In addition to supporting research that will allow Le Moyne to achieve a position of prominence on the regional and national scene, the McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation also plays a vital role in Le Moyne’s mission of educating its students as whole persons and providing them what Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás, S.J. has called “a depth of engagement with reality that transforms them at their deepest core.”

The McDevitt Center serves this mission as the home of high impact educational practices including global education, service learning, internships, and undergraduate student research. Co-locating these vital co-curricular learning opportunities and student services within the McDevitt Center demonstrates their important role in the educational formation of Le Moyne students, underscores the synergistic relationship among each activity, and, fosters deep learning guided by Le Moyne faculty beyond the classroom context.

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